Interior shutters from Just Blinds & Shutters Ltd. are constructed from “hand selected” premium American Poplar wood. This is a very hard wood that endures everyday wear and tear for many many years. In fact many installations look as impressive today as the day they were installed. And our shutters are MADE IN CANADA.

A shutter is made up of several components; vertical side stiles, top and bottom rails, and movable louvres that can be closed for privacy or to reduce light. A single shutter is called a panel. Individual shutter panels can be hinged together (bifold style), or hinged on either side of a window frame opening, so they swing open to allow access to the window for cleaning or opening it for fresh air. Shutters are semi-opaque window coverings that block almost all light when closed. Shutters control sunlight, provide privacy, and enhance decorative appearance of a window.

Shutters are a timeless durable versatile window covering that is becoming increasingly more popular. Shutters enhance the decor of most any window in your home. Shutters are the best alternative to curtains or blinds. They are easy to maintain and are designed to last the lifetime of your home.

Shutters are available in two different styles. Plantation; with 3 1/2” movable louvres and California with 2 1/2” movable louvres.

Shutters are offered in many materials. The first, and most popular, is wood. They are also available in vinyl.

Quality wood and/or vinyl shutters will NOT warp, chip, crack, or peel and are built for harsh window conditions. 

Wood shutters are available in two finishes. Painted wood shutters are the most popular. White and off-white colors are the most frequently chosen as the most decorative colours. They add a crisp finish to the window and blend in with the casing around windows and doors.


They can also be custom painted to match the existing trim paint colour or stained to match the existing stained woodwork.

Vinyl shutters are available in two colours; white and off-white. 

Wood or vinyl shutters can be installed inside of or to the outside of the window opening, depending on the window opening and the depth of the trim.

 If the depth of the window opening is sufficient to allow the louvres to fully rotate, an inside mount is generally preferred. Shallow windows generally require installing shutters to the outside of the window with a decorative complementary wood or vinyl frame.

Louvre Tilt Bars:

Tilt bar operators are used to open and close the louvres on each shutter panel. This provides light or darkness depending on the degree to which the louvres are tilted. Tilt bars are available in 3 different configurations.

  • Front centre

  • Front offset to either left or right side

  • Rear; commonly called "Clearvue" (no operator tilt bar on front)

Divider Rail:

A horizontal bar that creates top and bottom louvre sections. Divider Rails allow the top and bottom louvre sections to open and close independently. This allows light into the top section while maintaining privacy on the lower section for each shutter panel.
Divider rails are also required when the height of a shutter is greater than a specified height for stability. Your “Design Consultant” will inform you of these standards.

Cafe Style Shutters:

Cafe Style Shutters do not cover the entire window. Often with decorative “round top” or "transom" windows; leaving the upper portion uncovered, enhances the entire window treatment. Shutters are installed to cover a portion of a window in this application.

Custom Shutters for “Round Top or Half Moon” Windows:

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